He shot me down

I wish I were beside you right now. I wish I could lay in your arms. I wish I could watch you sleeping because that would probably be one of the most beautiful things in the world. But most of all, I wish you were mine. I wan't all of you, every bit.
Love is not the only thing you've given to me. You've shown me how wonderful life is, but also the "bad" parts of life; nights without sleep because I've been so busy drying my eyes.
You really were my everything. And I don't want to regret the only thing thats ever meant something to me. I often said "You are my everything" to you. But really, what does it mean? I know, but do you know? Or you? Or you?
People are just thinking "He/she is my everything. He/she gives me love, happiness." But wake up! They're not always giving you the best parts of life, do they? Count the times that he made you cry. Remember that night you found him texting with an other girl, even if it was innocent. He's not giving you the best parts of life. He's giving you exactly everything, every bit of life. And I think we should be grateful, cause it's beautiful that the person we love the most are giving us this, and nobody else.
To you: I loved you, I still do.  And I think you love me too, that's what you're telling me. Why can't I have you? I love you so deeply and it hurts so bad. It's that other girl, I know. But if you love me why can't you just be mine? You know that she doesn't love you and I know that it hurts honey, but why can't we give it a try? If I make you happy it can only get better. I just want to help you. And I want to be yours. Forever.
But right now it's not working. It's not meant to be us. Our relationship to each other isn't how it's supposed to be. So I have to bury my feeling for you now, and I know that you will cry when I'm telling you. But you can't just have a little bit of me darling, it's me or nothing. You can't just sit there and hope that you'll forget her, it's not going to work. You have to work at this every day. I know I promised not to let you down, and I won't. I'm just giving you space, and you can take your time thinking. Thinking about me, you, us. What we're gonna be. Maybe you'll find out that you love me more. Maybe not. Maybe in a few years or so we will work out, but right now we're wrong. Tell me when you know what you want. I'm not letting you down, I know it hurts but I'll try to help you. I love you, jag älskar dig så mycket.
Yours forever


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